Hey Taipei 第一本屬於台北的英文押韻繪本!

Hey Taipei is a rhyming picture book about a little girl's exciting first trip to Taipei.

Tasting delicious fruit at the market! A sky high gondola ride to Maokong! A dinner of soup dumplings and hotpot! These are just some of the classic Taipei scenes captured in this colorful picture book about Taipei.

Hey Taipei 捕捉了台北知名景點的美麗和活力,更凸顯出台北生活簡單卻不凡的一切,讓世界看見台北之美。

Hi, I’m Kathy, the writer of Hey Taipei

After I moved back to Taiwan in 2014, I shopped around for a cute picture book about Taipei in English but I couldn't find one. There were Chinese-language versions, but they didn’t have the same spirit of fun and adventure. So I thought, hey, I’m a writer. Why not write one myself? 

I wrote Hey Taipei about two years ago but didn’t know what to do with it. Then I had my baby daughter in October 2017 and suddenly the project became about her. I want Claudia to see herself in the book, having the same adventures and feeling proud she’s from Taipei. 

I’m working with Garlic Crush Studios, a Taipei-based studio and publisher. They believe children’s books should be fun and inspire readers to be creative. If possible, they should make kids laugh and smile. I completely agree!

So why an English-language picture book about Taipei? Well, there are a few reasons. First, a book like this in English is a way for young children everywhere to learn about Taipei and Taiwanese culture. Second, I feel it’s important for kids in Taiwan to see their own culture depicted in English. And third, the world needs more stories from the Taiwanese point of view!

Wanna see a sneak peek of the illustrations inside Hey Taipei? Here's a cute little video.



兩年前我就寫了這個故事,但後來也就擱著沒動。2017 年 10 月,我生了女兒,整個故事突然有了主角。我希望女兒 Claudia 可以在書裡看見她自己,希望她能實際走訪那些地方,以自己為台北人為榮。




Finally a book that helps children develop their Taiwanese identity in English. I can't wait to share it with our students. 

Ronald Cheng, Little Seeds Academy

We're happy to collaborate with Kathy on this book, and hope it creates a new way to see and experience the wonders of Taipei.

Eric Yin, Garlic Crush Studios

The vibrant illustrations and rhyming text are sure to captivate children and parents alike. I'm looking forward to gifting this!

"Jennifer Joy" Chau, Kindermusik Teacher

Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions, please check the FAQ page. And if your question isn't there, send an email to hi@heytaipeibook.com


A Garlic Crush Studios Collaboration